Meet the Original Insiders

InsideRun is about shared experiences. So we started by sharing our brand with people who represent the struggles and triumphs that come with being "on the inside" of American football.

Athletes who know exactly what you mean when you complain about the fourteenth time you had to assure your coworker that those bruises are from practice.

Athletes who've tried to tape broken limbs back together because the adrenaline kept them from feeling anything other than the need to get back on the field.

Athletes who've cleaned turf pieces out of their vacuums, bedsheets, and underwear.

"If you know, you know."

And they know.

Meet our original Insiders, who believed in the brand enough to allow it to represent them, too.

Isabell (Izzy) Burger 

 Elli Metsola 

Jabari Deonate Harris 

 Essi Saastamoinen 

Milena AbbasMamode