About InsideRun

What is InsideRun?

InsideRun is an American football-focused apparel brand dedicated to recognizing and honoring the shared struggles and triumphs of the sport and those who champion it.

Who is InsideRun?

If you want to know who designs the apparel, writes for the website, operates the heat press, posts all the social media, and applies the shipping labels ...

InsideRun is Hannah Ploskonka, a 32-year-old cornerback, occasional free safety, one-time wide receiver, and linebacker in the event of the apocalypse. Hannah started InsideRun after years of side-hustle design work for similar purposes, and a long but not entirely fulfilling career building satellites.

But InsideRun is everyone who's ever caught that electric feeling of togetherness -- of being on the inside of something that only people like you understand. 

Why is InsideRun?

Because being an insider is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

Where is InsideRun?

InsideRun operates out of its spare-bedroom Headquarters in Espoo, Finland, because of course it does.